Known for their affordability, durability, and good looks, asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roof covering. Today's shingles have a foundation made using a fiberglass mat that is coated with asphalt. Reinforcement is provided by an additional layer of asphalt that varies in thickness, with heavier shingles receiving thicker reinforcement layers. When combined with the foundation, these reinforcing layers resist moisture and wind to protect the venerable roof underneath. On top of these reinforcing layers are ceramic granules which are embedded to resist the sun's ultraviolet rays, preventing deterioration of the asphalt layers and giving color to the shingle. 

Over time the elements will break down roof shingles, causing granule loss, broken shingle tabs, exposed nail heads, and eventually leaks. Sometimes it's easy to see that your roof is in need of replacement:

Roofing shingles with significant granule loss
Roofing shingles with significant granule loss


But in other cases it's not so obvious. Be sure to check for warning signs including:

  • Visible granule loss on shingles
  • Granules found in your gutters
  • Curled or buckled shingles
  • Broken or missing shingle tabs

The best way to prevent leaks and costly repairs from worn out shingles is to have your roof inspected by a qualified contractor every few years. Contact us today to see how we can help keep your roof in optimal condition throughout its life cycle.

At Johnny's Roofing we follow strict guidelines for shingle roof replacement. The process begins with removing the existing shingles and underlayment, which allows us to inspect the bare wood deck -- also known as sheathing -- for any damage. With a clean, solid deck to work with, we then apply an underlayment made of asphalt-saturated organic material to provide moisture protection for the sheathing. From there we install the shingles in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, securing the shingle to the deck using four galvanized nails. Finally, we install ventilation to prevent excess attic temperatures, eliminate moisture, and maximize the life of the shingles.

There are many brands, styles, and colors to choose from. Generally you will see two kinds of shingles:


Standard or 3-tab

3-tab shingles are made from a single layer mat of fiberglass and asphalt. They offer a traditional look at an affordable price. When we install 3-tab shingles we prefer Owens Corning Supreme for their durability, good looks, and warranty. Featuring protection from winds up to 60 MPH, a Class-A fire rating, and a 25 year warranty, these offer the latest technology at a lower price point, making them a great value. 

Architectural or Laminated

Laminated shingles are a stronger version of 3-tabs. They are made using a similar process, but they have an additional layer of asphalt laminated to the bottom to produce a stronger, heavier product. The extra layer also gives depth, creating a dimensional look with contrasting colors and shades many find more appealing than the look of 3-tabs. The Owens Corning Oakridge line is the most popular shingle we sell. With a Class-A fire rating and a limited lifetime warranty, these shingles offer protection from winds up to 110 MPH.